• Sustainable Procurement.

    Sustainable Procurement.

    As an integral part of the transport network, we need a robust plan that puts sustainability and stakeholders at the heart of everything we do.


When we launched our new GWR brand and embarked on the journey to revalue rail in the hearts and minds of the travelling public we recognised that we would have to go above and beyond simply meeting our franchise commitments. We would have to deliver outstanding service and value for our customers every time not just now, or for the next year, but for the long term.

But in an increasingly complex and connected world, we also recognise that it is no longer just about the results that we deliver for our customers and stakeholders, but how we deliver those results.

This extends to our supply chains. We recognise the need to manage our  supply chain more sustainably. Not only as a way to reduce risk, but to create a clear competitive advantage and ultimately deliver long-term environmental, social and economic value for our stakeholders.

The GWR Sustainable Procurement Strategy sets out our approach.

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